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Told in the first person, this is one HOT novel... there's a secondary plot that adds humor to the story, and the principals engage in menage a quatre and BDSM.

Joyfully Reviewed by Indi

Ariana never imagined coming back to Miami for a funeral would change her life forever. Meeting the man of her dreams, John, outside of the funeral home was only the beginning of the life changes in store for her. Next came Eric, a cop and a man whose command of her body takes on epic proportions from their first meeting… Ariana finds herself experiencing some of the most ecstatic trysts that push her perceived comfort levels to new highs. Her attraction to John blossoms into love but she will have to come clean about her clandestine encounters with Eric if she plans on experiencing true happiness…

In a story that takes a well bred and sensuous
Latina and exposes her to a world of acquiescence, Faith in the Flesh pushes boundaries of sexual exploration to the hilt. From the first encounter the heroine opens herself up to ravishment by men whom she barely knows but experiences mind-blowing chemistry with. Each man brings his own brand of dominance, crude and rough on one end and tailored and smooth on the other. Maria Isabel Pita sets the stage immediately for the possibility of love as Ariana allows trust and commitment to leave her open to unimaginable rapture by a soft hand, gentle floggings or rough onslaughts by the men who are as enchanted with her as she is with the power they yield over her body. This latest addition to the Exotika arsenal is definitely a winner and one worth revisiting.


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While attending her great aunt's funeral in Miami, Ariana Padron’s eyes are opened to more than how much she misses living in the sunshine drenched city verses living in Boston. She meets John, the sculptor, and the attraction is immediate. She also meets Eric, the police officer, who she can't seem to say “no” to. Can she continue to build a solid relationship with John and see Eric on the side? Or will both of her desires meet and take her to a place that she never thought she would want to go?


Faith in the Flesh was a scorcher. From the very start, the story kept my attention as I wondered "Would she? or Wouldn't she?" Ariana's story told of boundaries pushed and fears and desires confronted. Ariana seemed to be on the cusp of discovering who she was and why her previous relationships failed… Ms. Pita's novel will leave you thinking, how far would you go for sex or love and what is your deepest, darkest pleasure button?



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A Miami native, Ariana returns for her great aunt’s funeral after living in Boston for the last five years. That afternoon, after attending a feast to celebrate her great aunt’s ascent into Paradise, she longs for a hot shower but is distracted by the key to her rental car breaking off in the ignition with the car running. She locates a local locksmith shop which is being run by a cop named Eric who is currently on suspension. After making her a new key, Eric leads her to the back room where he takes her roughly in a way she has never had sex before and she discovers it really turns her on. She leaves Eric and proceeds to meet John… and discovers a sexual side of herself she never knew existed. She loves John but she wants Eric—bad! Ariana continues her relationship with both men and John introduces her to Manuel who provides additional stimulating adventures and sexual games more pleasurable then she could ever imagine.  Then John finds out about Eric, but instead of being angry; insists on Ariana inviting Eric to join the party.

Hot and steamy refers to more than just the Miami weather in this erotic novel, Faith in the Flesh by Maria Isabel Pita.  This author definitely knows how to tie up her reader and give them what they want. If you enjoy SMBD reads, this one’s for you.