Women have many fantasies, linked by common themes, and these three wonderfully erotic tales seem to have captured them all. In "Dreams of Anubis", you will, like Mary Fallon, quickly slip away from the humdrum of the office to travel back and forth between modern Egypt and the old Kingdoms, seeking only new knowledge and your true love. You feel the sand slipping between your toes and the hot wind on your face as you make your way to the mysteries of Imhotep, filled by the pleasures of incredible sexual dreams and hot sex. Do you do as Simon says or as his nemesis, Sir Richard Ashley, desires?

In "Rituals of Surrender", you join Maia Wilson, struck by lightening near an ancient oak in a Druid forest, lingering between different worlds. Caught like a fly in a carefully planned web of intrigue and magic, you need to choose your lover. Will you stay with Chris and his incredible tree house or be pulled into the comfort of Drew Landson's black leather jacket. What will your mother say?

In "Cat's Collar", with the flick of a whip, you find yourself, like Mira Rosemond, wanting to please your Master, Phillip, as he introduces you to new pleasures in his secret bondage "playroom" by his wine cellar. See what the cat brought home!

If you have not read Maria Isabel Pita before, you will be amazed by her wit, her incredible knowledge, both arcane and sensual, and her exquisite attention to detail. If you are a fan of hers already, you will continue to appreciate the artistry of her work and your only disappointment will be when the stories end and you have to move back into your own skin. Like Mira, pour yourself a nice glass of wine in a crystal glass and savor the experience and say, "Oh, yes… Master!"

Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Audrey Lawrence


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Filled with descriptive settings, and coupled with imaginative prose, as in all her books, readers of erotica will find themselves wrapped up in the needs and desires of Ms Pita's convincing characters until the very end. Another top quality, erotic read from the Mistress of Erotica!

Dreams of Anubis

From the age of five,
Mary Fallon, was drawn to the spiritual and mysterious land of Egypt. So when her life-long friend Caroline Jordan invites her to visit Cario, it is an offer she can't refuse. She meets Caroline's boss, gorgeous Egyptologist Simon Taylor, and her life suddenly takes a new direction. However, in her dreams she is seduced by another man. An enigmatic Priest of Anubis. Mary then meets Sir Richard Ashley, who is not only sexy, but rich, and is surprised by her intuitive sense that she trusts him so easily. It's as if they have already met in some past life...

Rituals of Surrender

Hit by a falling oak tree in a middle of a storm, Maia Wilson's road to recovery is dominated by three very different men who have a mysterious hold over her. Drew Landson, Christopher Thorn, and Eric Wolfson are modern Druids each after her affections and her soul. Through their sexual teachings and ancients rites, Maia uncovers a hidden world full of erotic experiences and shocking family secrets. It is time to make a choice, but which one will be right? Flickering through Maia's past and present this is a bewitching, enticing story.

Cat’s Collar

The day Mira Rosemond's cat leads a tall, handsome, Philip to her house she is overcome by this stranger's ability to control her in a way never experienced before, and she likes it. When they meet again he divulges he works as a Master and is paid to dominate women. Mira does not, at first, know how to react. As their relationship evolves Philip takes Mira under his wing and teaches her not to be anxious about trying out new sexual experiences. Feeling both afraid and excited, she allows herself to become his slave and falls compliantly head over heels in love. But can a man of such talent feel the same about her?

Maria Isabel Pita has written three powerful self-contained erotic stories which really dig deep into her characters views and passions. The BDSM scenes provide sufficient explicit, sexual tension to drive the plot forward, whilst remaining sensual and not offensive. For example, in "Cat's Collar" Mira and Philip build on their erotic experiments of dominance and submission based on a loving relationship you can easily imagine happening between two consenting adults. It also reads like a modern day fairytale, an ingenious slant.





Dreams of Anubis
Rating: Gold Star Award
Heat level:  O

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Rituals of Surrender
Rating: Gold Star Award
Heat level:  O

Maia Wilson has lived near a group of standing stones all her life, and has felt their mystical power pull at her emotions for as long as she can remember. One night she’s involved in a car accident from a collapsed tree hit by lightening. She suddenly finds herself entangled in the heart of an erotic web with three sexy and mysterious men intent on using her in their ancient rite. Drew Landson, Christopher Thorn and Sir Eric Wolfson; three modern-day Druids who weave a sensual spell on Maia. Do these men have ulterior motives or is there interest in Maia genuine?

Rituals of Surrender is an evocative and thought-provokingly sensual story that calls to your senses. The eroticism and imagery used in this book takes you to another dimension along with Maia and her devilishly sexy leading men. I found the symbolism throughout the book a delightful challenge, and found this extremely stylish writing that tied in different aspect of the story which at first seemed inconsequential. The three men who touch Maia’s life, Drew Landson, Christopher Thorn, and Sir Eric Wolfson, are vastly different men on the surface. Yet each is able to captivate Maia’s sexual curiosity in their own particular way and encourage her to fulfill her sexual potential. Each character seems like an amalgam of the beliefs held by the modern-day Druid. The importance of this practice, the significance of certain events along with the spiritual and mystical context, and the eroticism throughout make it a hauntingly remarkable story.

The most fascinating aspect is the two parallel stories being told after Maia is involved in the car accident. One takes place in the here and now, while the other unfolds in another realm. We have to discern for ourselves which is real and which takes place in the parallel world Maia finds herself in. These paranormal elements only enhance and add mystery to this story which has so much emotion and detail woven in. Your perceptions are challenged just as Maia is, and this aspect of Rituals of Surrender only makes it that much more meaningful and significant as you take this journey with Maia.

The characters' personalities are subtly expressed, coming alive at the touch of your hand. The main male characters are in turn mysterious, sexual, and all play a role in Maia’s realization of her sexuality and her own powers as a woman. Ultimately only one man will hold the key to her heart and unraveling this mystery is what makes reading this book so thoroughly enjoyable. The sexual tension is high octane, with many sexual encounters being scorching but also having a romantic feel to them. This proves that each encounter experienced by Maia is significant in helping her discover her full potential. Ms. Pita’s writing always manages to encourage the reader to visualize her highly erotic tales, which are underscored with loving relationships. They draw the reader into another world with her imagery, symbolism and evocative words.

When reading one of Ms. Pita’s books, like Rituals of Surrender, you’re gifted with high caliber erotic stories, sensual and lyrical writing, and imagery that is also literary art. Her intelligent and sensual stories reach beneath the surface of the reader’s psyche and touch them long after they’ve finished reading. Rituals of Surrender proves to be a fulfilling and thought provoking book on many levels, which is why I consider this deserves a Gold Star Award.

Cat’s Collar
Rating: Gold Star Award
Heat level:  O

Mira Rosemond is an interior designer who finds an enigmatic and handsome stranger taking a short cut through her garden one morning. Unaccountably drawn to Phillip, Mira finds her life is forever changed. He’s the antithesis of every man she’s ever dated and he’s also one of the most charismatic, calling to her soul and her every desire. When Phillip introduces Mira to the world of bondage she finds herself falling helplessly and submissively in love with this masterful man.

Ms. Pita hasn’t simply written an erotic romance book. She has filled the pages with passion and has blended together elements of romance, eroticism and a symphony of words that meld together to make this story come alive. What notes are to music Ms. Pita’s words create a medley of pictures to bring together a whole cohesive and rapturous story of a woman finding her soul mate and coming to terms with her sexual nature. Master Phillip, while initially portrayed as a mysterious and sexy stranger, proves through his actions and words that he’s Mira’s other half, her soul mate. Their story is truly amazingly sensual as Mira learns to accept her nature and trust Phillip, in the process empowering herself, but also nurturing the love between her and Phillip. Mira finally realizes that she’s found devotion, satisfaction, and love, everything that has been missing from her previous relationships. The world of B&D Phillip introduces Mira to is entirely a new experience and leaves her open to many possibilities, with the advantage the reader is also given a look into this fascinating lifestyle.

Seeing their devotion to one another is uplifting. Reading the nuances and subtleties of their relationship as it unfolds in each successive chapter (which is prefaced with a quote to mark a new development) is very smart in its arrangement. I’ve found Ms. Pita to be a formidable talent, a truly gifted author whose imagery and prose fills me with awe with each book I am lucky enough to read. Her books are addictive and totally engrossing, showing the devotion and loving aspects of a dominant/submissive relationship between two people who respect each other and empower each other, like Maia and Phillip.

The sexual tension, and the growing devotion, between Mira and Phillip is enough to get you in the mood for your own loving; their interactions are described both erotically and romantically. With fleshed out characters who are complex, appealing and interesting, this only serves to imprint the story on your mind. The plot is ever surprising and arousing, and I found I couldn’t put down this book.

Some profound exchanges from these characters will have you asking questions and lead to interesting debate. I found their open-mindedness truly amazing and thought-provoking. Ms. Pita’s knowledge of history and other cultures shines through, and especially interesting obscure facts that make this a joy to read. Ms. Pita deserves praise for her gifted writing in bringing to the mainstream the complex, yet simple choreography, of the loving relationship to be had in a master/slave relationship in a positive light. Whether you’re a fan of bondage and dominance stories or would like to try something new, I would highly recommend this priceless book. It is truly amazing and will have you desiring if not for your own Master, then a man with some of Phillip's attributes. This is definitely a book worth lingering over, savoring all that it has to offer with its subtle yet arousing storyline that is unforgettable, which is why I believe it deserves a Gold Star Award. Cat’s Collar is a definite keeper.

Aggie Tsirikas
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DREAMS OF ANUBIS, RITUALS OF SURRENDER, and CAT'S COLLAR should be classified as cerebral erotica. None of them are 'fluff' or 'light fiction', but rather they force the reader to be actively thinking while reading these novellas to grasp their high concepts and written complexities. Once you enter into Ms. Pita's world it is a challenge to fully understand what she is writing. I feel this challenge is well worth the time and effort because once you finish each segment and all the different aspects and scenes of the stories solidify into one truly intriguing message you have many 'aha' moments. You also feel truly satisfied with the journeys you read through and in many ways were a part of. All three stories share a commonality in which each heroine is torn between difficult choices she has to make. The first two stories the heroines have metaphysical paths that they must traverse that leads them down the path to happiness and their soul mates. These stories do an excellent job of integrating faith, trust, and what is real versus the surreal. The third story is more of a contemporary erotic romance detailing the course the heroine must choose to be with the man she loves and understand the Master/slave roles they live. The first two stories definitely force you to think about the varying levels of thought and beliefs Ms. Pita presents for her heroines. The third also brings up the trust and beliefs of the heroine, especially with the hero but the wording is less symbolic and her progress is in the 'here and now'. Each story has many erotic scenes that are so enmeshed with the plot that in and of themselves do not make these stories erotic. It is the context, imagery, and choice to trust and believe that makes these stories erotic -- to give up the tangible and trust body and soul to another is what defines the erotic in this book.

Dreams of Anubis

Ever since Mary was a young girl she has wanted to see
Egypt. When her photographer friend living and working in Egypt invites her to visit she jumps at the chance. Upon arriving Mary is overcome by the feeling that she has returned home. When she meets her friend's boss, Simon, she is immediately attracted to the arrogant, handsome Egyptologist. In addition, to her attraction to Simon she also has a very intimate encounter with the very wealthy, very mysterious Sir Richard Ashley. Torn between these two men and their incredible sexual appeal, Mary finds that her dreams are opening a window and consciousness to something/someone familiar to her. In these dreams of Ancient Egypt another man comes to her -- it is this man and his connection to one of her admirers that can either lead Mary down the path to self discovery or down the path of the regrettable ordinary.

DREAMS OF ANUBIS is a deeply mystical and spiritual journey. Mary knows deep within herself that there is something drawing her to
Egypt. Once there her world is turned upside down. Because of the many choices she makes not only is Mary taken down innumerable roads, but so is the reader. I found myself going down one path with Mary and then suddenly going down another in a heartbeat. The two men pulling her to them do not make the choice easy for Mary -- nor is the reader able to immediately choose which man is right for her. The historical vignettes help to direct Mary to the 'right' man, yet the mystery and motivation behind both men's attraction and drive to be with Mary is always questionable. This story is quite rich in detail and passion - passion not only of the erotic kind but a deeper passion about love of history, experience, and the finding of the single soul mate through each lifetime. As with all of Ms. Pita's writing there is a serious use of imagery to drive the emotion and setting of this story. Nothing is straightforward or simple in this story because as Mary makes her choice she directs the reader and we have to follow her down her path of questions, wants, desires, and most importantly who does she ultimately believe is her soul mate. During the relationships with these two men you will find yourself liking them in one breath and disliking them in the next. The path Mary takes is not easily deciphered, yet in the end what Mary ultimately chooses is right and in retrospect it was really the only choice she could make to settle and find her soul.

Rituals of Surrender

Locked in a world where nothing is necessarily as it seemed, Maia Wilson was
living a life that was directing her to self discovery and self realization. After being hit by a falling oak tree downed by lightning Maia's life starts taking strange twists and turns when a mysterious group of stones and three different men start vying for her affection and seemingly her soul. Drew Landson, Christopher Thorn, and Eric Wolfson all seem vastly different on the outside yet each in their own particular way captivate and grab hold of Maia's sensuality and sexual curiosity. They all desire an intimacy with her and have hopes that she will realize what her potential is in her life and in their common beliefs. Unfortunately, the road to this enlightment is filled with Maia's self doubt, fear, and inability to accept what she knows deep down that drives her but what her aunt and father have tried to hide from her.

RITUALS OF SURRENDER is a truly evocative read. The imagery, foreshadowing, and eroticism are at times hard to follow and the story takes you everywhere so that you have to extrapolate what some things mean. The symbolism throughout the book creeps up quite often and tries to tie in aspects of the story you may feel are inconsequential. This is not frippery as it encourages the reader to lead, visualize, and eventually understand what Ms. Pita is expressing. I for one had to re-read certain parts because I found myself lost and not necessarily comprehending the story line. The intertwining of time (past and present), place (real or dreamed), and multiple levels of characters felt overwhelming at times. The reader's confusion is parallel to Maia's confusion -- yet as her life slowly begins to come into order the reader finds a life line that helps to make all the pieces fall into place. Drew Landson is a very curious character who was never easily defined for me. I understood more about him at the end but he really piqued my interest and left me wanting to know more. The two other men Maia is torn between fascinated me. Chris seemed like such a paradox -- he was so aloof and hard at times, yet expressed his devotion and love for Maia multiple times. Eric just threw a wrench in her whirlwind romance with Chris so his presence confused me as to the reason in stirring up an all ready boiling pot. I think I managed to understand the gist of this story but I feel because of its complexity in story line and idea it deserves a reader who can re-read it a few times and digest all aspects that Ms. Pita presents. The importance of Druid beliefs and practice, why these three men had to corral and influence Maia, the significance of oak trees, and the power and perception of various art forms all come together in a cohesive story that has erotic, spiritual, and mystical context throughout it. This is a very heady erotic romance that will definitely take you on a journey much like the main character. With multiple reads I feel new concepts and connections will be made making this story even more fulfilling and thought provoking.