Women’s Fiction Reviews

Crook & Flail is one of the best novels I have read by the prolific and poetic author Maria Isabel Pita. Ms. Pita is lyrical in her exposition of Egyptian culture and history, and her characters and settings flow seamlessly and without distraction, so that the reader is compelled to read through the book at one sitting, and then to reread. Reading it is an education in both Egyptian land and lore, and in the ballet of Dominance and submission. I highly recommend Crook & Flail; it definitely earns its place on my keeper shelf.

Coffee Time Romance

This is a spectacular story. Ms. Pita did an excellent job of creating a mystery in this erotic tale, giving it even more spice. You will be enthralled from beginning to end. A fast pace, steady dialogue and excellent characters will keep your mind turning. The erotic love scenes are so incredibly hot, steam seems to rise from the pages. An absolute must read.

Nightowl Romance        

...It's certainly nice to read a story that takes place in a far away land, adding more drama and mystique to the storyline. Maria Isabel Pita's characters are full of life and experiencing exciting lifestyles. Crook & Flail has action happening at every turn... the writing not only flows, it has its own current. The style was intelligent, with lots of wonderful dialogue and intrigue.

Maria Isabel Pita, you have a special style of writing that's certainly not commonplace--it's a breath of freshness--pure oxygen to the brain.

Reviewed by Dee

Sensual Romance

Erotic BDSM excitement with a good story.

An aspiring Egyptologist, Evelyn Taylor retreats to the sands by the Nile to heal and cleanse her spiritual self after the death of her husband. The ties of passion (and ties of leather) to her husband Richard are too strong for this world, and Evelyn deals with consuming emotions of her past love, and a new mysterious stranger who seems 'bound' and determined to take the place of her [now] not-so-stiff husband. Evelyn's all-consuming visions and mistrust sew easily into the mysterious fabric of Egypt and weave historical tales with hauntings by her lovers, then and now.

For anyone with even a passing interest in Egyptian history, the words and scenes in Crook & Flail will delight. The descriptions of the ancient world set in modern times, laced with the graphic telling of the world of the submissive woman and the domineering man, give good counterpoint of different worlds merged… The bondage scenes are framed with the nature of Evelyn's passion, and then journeys into the psychological realms for the reader to enjoy. The sex itself ties the intricate, keep-you-guessing plot together, and the reader is left with a mystery to solve between the spankings and tomb touring.

To the true S&M/bondage world enthusiast, this book will deliver erotic excitement with a story line.

Reviewed by Lisa Hicks


Bitten By Books

Lucia is still recovering from her husband’s death seventeen months ago. When she arrives in Egypt, she meets a handsome young photographer who begins to draw her out of the world of darkness in which she has immersed herself. However, after all that time, she begins to see glimpses of her dead husband and begins to wonder if he is trying to contact her from beyond the grave. Will her dead husband’s reappearance in her life come between her and a new start?

I give this book 4 tombstones. The overall plot was interesting, and there were some surprising twists and turns throughout the book. Ms. Pita does a great job of explaining Egyptian history in the book. Lucia is an interesting character, rather submissive compared to most of the novels main characters. I do caution that there are some strong D/s scenes in this book, so if that is not your cup of tea, then this may not be the book for you. But if you’re interested in D/s books, then Crook & Flail is a book worth picking up.