Morgan Grant is a successful realtor who comes across a mysterious and compelling stranger when inspecting an empty old mansion for her brokerage firm. Their explosively pleasurable encounter haunts her until Simon Jones turns up in her office and she is once again pulled under his spell and agrees to do anything this wealthy buyer asks of her. He becomes her Master, initiating Morgan into the dark, hedonistic and self-awakening world of erotic discipline. Meanwhile one of Morgan’s neighbors has been missing for several days and Detective Michael O’Brien is assigned to the case. Morgan becomes increasingly torn between two charismatic men.

Maria Isabel Pita writes with such depth and feeling in her current novel Whips & Whispers. This is another well-crafted tale that offers an insight into a fascinating way of life and human relationships, and whose characters come to life and leap off the pages. The prose speaks to you and allows the reader to become absorbed in the story. Whether you’re reading about Morgan, Simon or Michael you bond with them easily and are drawn into their experiences. This story has some very passionate, scorching and deeply emotional scenes that bare the character's soul, and explore Morgan’s submissive nature and her desire to be dominated in bed. How she discovers this through Ms. Pita’s writing skills is what makes this reading experience so worthwhile.

It was fascinating and liberating for me to read about the dynamics and complexity of Morgan and Simon’s relationship, see their love for each other strengthen and how they dealt with challenges like trust and external influences, and also to read how they were able to satisfy their darker desire and become fulfilled as people and lovers. Ms. Pita writes about strong women who have a touch of vulnerability but with an underlying core of steel. Even her men are always fascinating with their bad boy ways and secret fetishes and strong and lusty natures that turn a woman to putty in their hands and unearth their hidden desires; these appealing elements are woven into this story.

Strong characterization, flowing dialogue, well-plotted scenes, dynamic and life-like characters, as well as some interesting secondary characters that balance each scene, make this a Gold Star Award book. It is a must read for both fans of bondage and even for someone looking for a new reading experience. The sex was blistering hot, the relationships realistically developed with some titillating surprises, with the added bonus of a mystery thrown in. Whips & Whispers will reel you in from the first page with Ms. Pita’s turn of phrase and analogies that bring each scene to life. Treat yourself and discover Ms. Pita’s writing talents by reading this gem of a book. Go on, you won’t be disappointed. I’m looking forward to a story for Detective Michael O’Brien who is one very sexy and complex hero…please? Be aware that this book is not for the faint of heart as it has some strong elements of bondage, explores the darker side of human nature and has multiple partners.

Aggie Tsirikas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Romantic Times * * * * Review by Gail Pruszkowski

Pita's story, about the fulfillment of one woman's darkest desires, is compelling and sometimes deeply disturbing. The heroine comes across as imprudent and selfish at first, but as the plot thickens, more of her complex personality comes to light. Her need to be dominated is satisfied by hardcore sex that's sometimes brutally violent. It's a provocative and thought-provoking look at an alternative lifestyle.


Literary Nymphs

The only word that comes to mind when I try to sum up Whips & Whispers is “INCREDIBLE.” The author not only has an outstanding plot but the sex scenes are as hot and amazing as I’ve ever read before. The writing is so intense that you can almost take the pages and turn them into scenes from a movie in your mind. With that in mind, Whips & Whispers is definitely not for the faint of heart or for a reader looking for a mild erotica story.

Enchanted in Romance


First, let me say this is definitely not light reading material. It is graphic and it does border on some hardcore sadism... Whips and Whispers is beautifully written and definitely written from someone with experience in this area. No one could fake the intensity of it. If you want to read about the harsher yet passionate side of BDSM, please do read this book. It will leave an impact on you. It has many twists and plenty of curveballs in it. The ending was NOT predictable and did take me by surprise. An ode to Maria Isabel Pita, you can sure pen a book that will stay on this reader's mind for a very long time.


Coffee Time Romance

Morgan and Simon are complex characters with a very complicated relationship. The sensual tension between them rises hot and fast. The sex scenes are very graphically detailed and hot enough to boil water on contact. The extremely prominent BDSM elements this book contains are not for the faint of heart and are presented in an exhilarating way that allows us to see Morgan's journey of self-discovery very clearly. The supporting characters are well rounded and balance out the storyline very well. The setting exhibits an appropriate atmosphere for this complex tale of love and BDSM. The plot is fascinating with a few surprises that kept me wondering what would happen next.

Ms. Pita is a talented author with a knack for drawing the reader into a world that may be entirely new to many. I felt that the heroine's mindset may be difficult for some readers to understand, but I admired the way she was true to her own needs and desires. The hero may also be a little edgier than many are used to, but eventually his complexities are explained in a way that explains his actions and his quirks. Whips and Whispers is sure to appeal to many fans of alternate lifestyles. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys tales of dominance and submission.


EURO-REVIEWS – Women’s Fiction Reviews

Whips and Whispers is not for the faint of heart.  Maria Isabel Pita has written a strong story of self-discovery and exploration.  Morgan is an interesting character and while you can understand the pull to just go with this man, I wonder if her self-preservation should be stronger as well as her loyalties to friends.  Simon is very intense and charismatic as are the other men in this story.  You can understand Morgan’s attraction to each one of them and her willingness to do Simon’s bidding.  You truly don’t know which way she will choose in the end until you read the last page.  Intriguing.

Alternative Read . com

Intensely sexual. The dominance brutal and complete and the submission so tentative and passionate. Morgan's inner struggle with desiring his beatings and hating his control of her emotions is earthy and raw. She struggles with her feelings about right and wrong, independence and surrender. When in his presence she totally desires his dominance but left alone in her apartment, unsure of his intentions, she is confused. It is almost as if she needs him to think for her, or at least to understand the fears and turmoil within her. The writing is delicious, and thought provoking. The reader is drawn into self reflection as much as Morgan is, wondering what a relationship like that would be like. The passion with which she enters into each relationship is dramatically different but real and intense.


TwoLips Reviews

Whips & Whispers is a fast paced book of domination and submission. The sexual chemistry between this couple jumps off the pages at you and will leave you feeling shaky and tingly in all the right places. Maria Isabel Pita has penned a great story including graphic sexual scenes with characters that are well written and unique in their own ways. I thoroughly enjoyed Whips & Whispers from the Exotica line at Ellora's Cave… Anyone who enjoys the BDSM genre will not be disappointed with Whips & Whispers.

Fallen Angel Reviews

Maria Isabel Pita in Whips & Whispers  has described a lot of the feelings a new submissive goes through in a new BDSM relationship. The elation of finding someone that can give you all those wonderful feelings and the self doubt of wondering if this is the right thing for you to do. This book is very well written; the story line flows well. Morgan is a strong successful woman who has it all going for her. Simon is well written as a man who also has it all. He’s a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. I found myself hoping that Morgan would find the right path for herself. This book was hard to put down and I was disappointed to see it end.